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  • Guangdong Yuanfeng Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.

      Guangdong Yuanfeng Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. has been established for many years, mainly engaged in green vegetables, fresh meat, aquatic products, three birds, grain and oil, non-staple food, frozen products, etc. Our company has been adhering to the attitude of "high quality and low price, quality first, customer first, fresh and safe on time and quantity" to provide sincere and worry-free safe food materials and services for canteens of various units. The company also insured food safety liability insurance, so that customers have no worries. The company has a physical shop: Xingrun Commercial Company (New Happiness Store) welcomes customers to choose and buy.

      The company has managed a vegetable base of 1000 mu, insisting on self-production, self-marketing and self-inspection, ensuring fresh food materials every day, paying close attention to the quality of food, through standardized, specialized and institutionalized management, in order to achieve win-win goals with service units. So that has been in the forefront of the peer, won the recognition of the majority of customers.