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  • What are the requirements for canteen contracting?

    2021-05-19 599

    Canteen contracting refers to enterprises, hospitals, campuses, hotels and other enterprises or collective organizations that contract the canteen to a professional catering company for processing according to needs, and then select various kinds of catering provided by the catering company.

    Contractor conditions:

    First, whether the contractor has large-scale operation. Excellent collaboration needs to be built on the healthy profit form of contractors. Huge acquisition volume is the foundation of price competitiveness. Scaled operation can further control and reduce operating costs and provide better services to customers.


    Second, whether the contractor has a successful canteen management form. Because the canteen business is decentralized, when the owner can not only care about a factory, then what can we do to maintain the quality of each canteen's products, hygiene and service? The Contractor shall be required to explain and supply the forms of management, and to inspect the effect of the forms of management on the spot.

    Thirdly, it is necessary to inspect the scale of the contractor's investment on the spot, to evaluate the contractor's economic strength steadily, and to see whether the factories contracted are in accordance with the propaganda materials. Because of some empty shell companies that only need simple offices, there are endless cases of buying contracts by borrowing factories.

    The article originates from the contracting of Jiangmen canteen


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