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  • How to avoid leftovers when contracting for Jiangmen canteen?

    2021-05-19 624

    Usually, leftovers are very common in our daily life, especially in a canteen that contains hundreds of people, the liquidity of the dining staff is uncertain and the tail dish is very simple. As a canteen contractor, we really need to adopt some measures to avoid waste and the phenomenon of leftovers. So how to avoid leftovers in canteen contracting? What about leftovers? Let's get to know.

    1. The person in charge of the canteen should cooperate with the company to determine the number of people who eat every day.

    2. The canteen shall appropriately adjust the quantity of meals according to the specific situation;


    3. On the premise of guaranteeing the quantity of meals for employees, try to control the quantity of meals and avoid spoiling them.

    4. Separate the leftovers of different kinds of leftovers.

    5. Talk with the company about the disposal of leftovers.

    The article originates from the contracting of Jiangmen canteen


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