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  • How to control food quality in Jiangmen canteen contracting?

    2021-05-19 605

    1. Safety handling methods for food storage in canteens contracted:

    1. Record statement of food materials purchase in warehouse account.

    2. Specific Measures for Environmental Sanitation and Safety Guarantee of Food Purchase Contracted by Canteens

    1. Source of material purchase: hygienic and safety treatment methods of vegetable and fruit pesticide residue food, strict implementation of regulations to obtain safety statement of vegetable and fruit pesticide residue detection.

    3. Common sense of environmental hygiene and safety in canteen contracted food purchase

    1. Food hygiene, safety and hygiene treatment: if food safety is presented, it will not only affect the whole collective, but also the daily affairs or learning, and the social security will be emphasized. In addition, the presentation of food quality and safety issues also affects the normal production order and operation of the catering industry, involving the economic benefits of the catering industry itself.


    2. Procedures for purchasing and processing food materials: Strictly abide by the provisions of the National Food Hygiene Law and firmly eradicate the purchase of poultry, livestock, animals, aquatic animals (including meat without veterinary environmental hygiene quarantine certificate or pass the relevant regulations) and legumes with toxic and harmful substances, qualifications, environmental pollution or death, poisoning and unknown causes of death, which are likely to be harmful to the body. Food materials enter the kitchen door. Ensure the safety and hygiene of customers'meals.

    4. General Knowledge of Environmental Hygiene and Safety of Food Processing and Utensils Contracted by Canteens

    1. Monitoring is an important practical operation key link in catering industry. It is mainly divided into two parts: material finishing and cooking. Cooked vegetables and raw foods also include knife-changing operation process. Because the process also includes raw and cooked food, most of the key links in the actual operation are many, which makes the process easy to present problems in the key operational links of preventing food poisoning, such as natural freezing of food, separation of raw and cooked food, cooking and cooking thoroughly, keeping clean, operating temperature, operating time, rigorous washing and eliminating food poisoning.

    2. Food storage: strictly implement the environmental sanitation regulations to classify and mark the raw, cooked and semi-finished products.

    3. Disposal of leftovers: Every meal of leftovers of vegetables and fruits will be recycled for disposal of waste materials and resolutely eradicated from re-supply.

    4. Food Sampling: Sampling each cooked meal for 24 hours and keeping a good record.

    5. Standardization of Hygienic Treatment in the Practical Operation of Canteen Contracting

    The article originates from the contracting of Jiangmen canteen


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