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  • What should we pay attention to before choosing a canteen contracting company?

    2021-05-19 607

    At present, canteen contracting has become the main choice of many large companies. It is the responsibility of every enterprise to select a professional canteen contracting company. The quality of a canteen contracting company can directly affect the work efficiency of employees. Therefore, before signing the canteen contract, enterprises need to pay attention to many aspects in order to bring unnecessary troubles and losses to their companies due to poor follow-up operation. What problems should they pay attention to before choosing the canteen contract company?

    1. Investigate whether you have experience in canteen contracting

    Before contracting a canteen, we should first investigate whether some canteen contractors have the experience of contracting a canteen for hundreds or thousands of people. We can not select those contractors who have no experience and only focus on operating profits. A good canteen contractor must have a good grasp of operating costs, so as to bring the best service to customers.

    2. Is the visit related information true?

    Visiting the contracted canteen should check the information provided by the canteen contractors carefully before signing the contract, and do a field investigation to see if the situation is true, which is also in order to ensure your own legitimate interests.


    3. Is there a form of management?

    Whether the contracting canteen company has a successful canteen management form or not, and whether the contracting canteen company has a successful canteen management form, is the content of key points evaluation. Therefore, it requires the contracting canteen company to explain and supply management form, and to investigate the real role of management hiding on the spot.

    4. Is there a form of distribution?

    Whether a large logistics center with centralized purchasing and wholesale can ensure the quality of meals, which can greatly reduce the cost of company expenditure, and also ensure the food safety of canteens.

    Through the above, we have a general understanding of what we need to pay attention to before contracting canteens. Otherwise, we need to implement the contract agreement and have the requirements of the relevant provisions of the state on catering enterprises, including industrial and commercial, fire control, sanitation and other permits.

    The article originates from the contracting of Jiangmen canteen


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