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  • Pay attention to buying the following vegetables, not carelessly

    2021-05-19 614

    Too hard tomatoes

    The harder the tomatoes are, the more phytohormones they use, the better not to buy them, or maybe not to eat them right away. Let it last for two or three days until it softens naturally. At this time, the unhealthy erythropoietin has also lost its release. In addition, red and green tomatoes can be related to ripening agents.

    Shallow green leafy vegetables

    Vegetables grown in greenhouses are far more attractive than those grown under direct light. The leaves are light in color, but the nutrient content of vegetables can not be compared with the seasonal vegetable grown naturally. So buy green leafy vegetables with dark colors.

    It smells bad.

    Unlike coriander, fennel and other vegetables, which have their own flavor, there are many pesticide residues, or vegetables using inferior pesticides will have a very pungent odor. You can pick them up and smell them before you buy them.


    Cracked radish

    It is better not to eat cracked radishes or melons, which can be caused by severe pests or by artificial abnormal planting processes.

    Growing Cucumber

    The cucumber bought back grew "long" the next day after one night. It must have used hormone enlarger.

    Washed vegetables

    Nowadays, there are few muddy radishes and lotus root in the market, and the vendors say bluntly, "No one is rare for dishes that are too dirty." Washed vegetables are not pesticide problems, but bacteria, which are difficult to remove, whether in salt or water.

    The article originated from Jiangmen Vegetable Distribution


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