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  • Fertilization techniques for leafy vegetables, fruit vegetables and root vegetables are different.

    2021-05-19 644

    Leaf vegetables. There are mainly Chinese cabbage, green vegetables, spinach, amaranth and so on. Nitrogen fertilizer is the main topdressing fertilizer for leaf vegetables, but it is necessary to apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer at the same time when nitrogen fertilizer is applied at the peak growth stage. For example, cultivation of Chinese cabbage, the key to high yield is to grasp the second fertilization before the beginning of lotus and pericarp. If the whole-life temporary nitrogen supply is insufficient, the plant is short, the tissue is rough and hard. Leaf vegetables cultivated in spring are easy to bolt early, and the early stage of heading leafy vegetables is insufficient in phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so it is not easy to seed.

    2. Fruits and vegetables. Including melons, eggplants and legumes, the edible part is the reproductive organs. Generally, the seedlings need more nitrogen, but excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer tends to cause lengthening, but prolongs flowering, consequences, and increases flower and fruit dropping. When entering the reproductive period, the demand for phosphorus increases sharply, while the demand for nitrogen decreases slightly. Therefore, the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be increased, and the amount of nitrogen fertilizer should be controlled. After fruit setting, the cucumber should be re-fertilized. Batch melons need to be supplemented with fertilizer and water.


    3. Root vegetables. There are mainly radish, carrot, turnip and so on. The edible part is the fleshy root. The main supply of nitrogen fertilizer in the later stage of growth is to promote the formation of large green leaves. In the middle and early stage of growth (fleshy rooting temporary), more potassium fertilizer should be applied, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer should be properly controlled, and the assimilative substances of leaves should be transported to the roots so as to form weak fleshy straight roots. If there are too much nitrogen fertilizer and insufficient potassium fertilizer in the earlier stage, the aboveground parts will grow excessively, the rhizomes will be small, the yield will decrease and the quality will change Inferior.

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