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  • What are the health effects of pollution-free vegetables?

    2021-05-19 624

    1. Ordinary vegetable mineral content is only one-half or two-half of the pollution-free vegetable mineral content.

    2. Eating non-polluting vegetables can increase the time of eating polluted vegetables and the time of pathological changes.

    3. The content of trace metals in pollution-free vegetables is also relatively low.


    4. According to some examples, pollution-free vegetables can improve the health.

    5. Antioxidants in pollution-free vegetables are 200% higher than conventional products, and superstitious experts say antioxidants can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

    6. If you eat ordinary vegetables, the pesticides contained outside accumulate temporarily in the human body, which can cause liver disease, but no chemical fertilizers and pesticides are contained in pollution-free vegetables, so the human body must be relatively healthy and safe.

    7. Chemical fertilizers in general vegetables do not directly endanger the human body, but they are forced to absorb excessive moisture in the course of vegetable growth. Although the plants have a large appearance and are green and beautiful, their nutrition is unequal, which weakens the resistance of vegetables to pests and diseases. Relatively, more chemical pesticides should be applied. No pollution-free vegetables need other natural pest control methods. The application of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fertilizers will not cause unhealthy human body.

    The article originated from Jiangmen Vegetable Distribution


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